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CarnationGroup launches Totoya Creatures, a revolutionary digital-physical hybrid toy

Budapest, 25 January, 2012 – Designed and developed in-house Totoya Creatures is a furry plush toy for toddlers, a friendly monster with an iPad inside, running a specially designed app. Our amazing developer team have been working on the project in the past 2 months and are currently putting the finishing touches on the product prototypes. When kids interact with Totoya it reacts to everything they do. It blinks, makes sounds and even talks back. As the iPad is safely protected “in the belly of the beast” :) kids can throw and punch the creature and not only will it withstand the ordeal but it will communicate its feelings. The more interaction, the more fun.

“I think the idea to produce a physical toy product has always been here and being a digital creative firm the challenge to fuse virtual and physical domains was an exciting one. Many of us being parents already and living in a digitally enhanced environment producing something for kids with an emphasis on the sensorial experience in this exciting intersection have always been our intention. The idea of a playful creature with a unique, customizable and loveable personality just arrived from somewhere and it felt right instantly.” — Krisztian Toth, CEO

When it comes to the future of toys, interaction between the virtual and physical domains and customization are definitely the most exciting aspects. Also from a business standpoint, it will be interesting to see how people will like this product. The app can be downloaded free of charge from iTunes and the creatures, the physical toys themselves can be purchased in 4 variations currently: YetYet & Robotto for iPad and YetX & RobX for iPhone.
Download photos (5.9MB, zip)

“While the development of the mobile application – idea, user interface and audiovisual design – is no new territory for CarnationGroup, the production of the physical toy figure did present some rather quirky challenges. As for the future, improving and innovating on the features is definitely the way forward. We have some ideas as to where we are heading, but we don’t want to spoil the excitement just yet.” — Andras Nagy, Business Development Manager

There are a number of ways for kids to interact with the creatures. They can talk to them and it will talk back, or shake it and it will express its feelings with various sounds. Also there are a number of predefined tunes and melodies that Totoya Creatures will play back depending on the interaction and last but not least kids can customize the face of the creature through selecting its colour. Totoya Creatures also hold other surprising features that we’d rather have kids and parents experience themselves :)

“Being a digital creative agency, we usually work for global brands on very specific tasks. But every once in a while we come up with stuff that does not have to fit a particular creative brief, because the idea is so damn exciting in its own right. TotoyaCreatures is surely one such project. How do we create a playful, positive experience for the most curious little humans on the planet who do not yet know how the world works around them? Can we do it while embracing the latest developments in technology? How will they interact with it? Totoya is so much more than just an object, it has a personality toddlers can relate to. We are really excited to see how it will be received.” — Gergo Csikos, Head of Ideas

Oh, and we’re thrilled to have received such an overwhelming welcome from all corners of the world-widewebbbbb. Thank you peeps :)

“Totoya Creatures is taking the kidification process further than ever before.” – The Next Web
“Your iPad breaths life into Totoya’s plush creatures” – Gizmodo
“A revolutionary hybrid toy” – PSFK
“Your iPad has never been so huggable” –
“Offers a range of educational entertainment” – TrendHunter Magazine
“A new generation of toys” – Blog En Bois
“Absolutely brilliant execution” – some human on twitter :)

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