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The creatures came to the Totoya island many-many years ago. Maybe from outer space, nobody remembers. The creatures are harmless. Doing basically nothing, mostly sleeping under trees. They were all peaceful, but they always seemed like they were waiting for something.

Until the 21st century, nobody knew why they are here. And then one day a couple of young explorers stepped into their boots and wandered to the distant island to find out the secret of these creatures. The team spent weeks in the rain forest trying to understand their secret.

The solution came by surprise. One morning, they found one of their tablets “merged” with a creature. And he started to interact through the device…

There is an other important, yet unexplained discovery that the creatures are extremely active when children are around.

With Totoya Creatures, we bring the lovely nature of these creatures from the island – for you, your touch devices and your kids.

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